Best Movers and Packers London (2023)

Best Movers and Packers London (1)

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23rd Jan 2023(Last updated on 23rd Feb 2023)14 minute read

When moving within London, it’s helpful to enlist the help of movers and packers. There are hundreds of removal companies operating in London, and many offer packing services. If you’re short on time or need assistance with your packing, it’s a great way of saving money and providing a stress-free move.

Before hiring a removals company, it’s helpful to research the best movers and packers in the area to ensure your move is successful and hassle-free. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best London movers and packers to help you with your decision.

This article will cover the following:

  1. How We Selected These Companies
  2. Our London Moving and Packing Services
  3. How Much Will Movers and Packers in London Cost?
  4. How to Get the Best Quotes For London Packers and Movers

The 10 Best London Movers and Packers

Based on their 5-star reviews, here are our top 10 best London movers and packers:

RankingLondon Removal Company

Member Since



Aviv RemovalsApril 2019



Vertigo Transport LtdJanuary 2020



TDS RemovalsMay 2020



Mario MovingOctober 2019



Links RemovalsJanuary 2019



Steadfast Removals LtdMarch 2017



My Safe Removals LtdSeptember 2018



Illy James LtdNovember 2013



Leader RemovalsSeptember 2016



Pipers RemovalsAugust 2020


1. Aviv Removals

Aviv Removals are our top-rated movers and packers company in London. With 45 out of their 46 reviews being 5 stars, it's easy to see why they're a popular choice. Their service is fantastic, and they have many years of experience in the removals industry.

Customer service remains at the heart of their business and Aviv Removals ensure to tailor each move to the specific clients and their needs. They take the time to listen to what you require and provide efficient and careful packing and moving.

Aviv Removals offer all kinds of packing services, from a full packing service to dismantling and resembling. The team are specifically trained in this and helps to keep your goods protected during transport.

"Excellent and professional service! Arrived on time, were super careful with all our belongings and great communication in making arrangements. I would definitely recommend!" - Emily Fielding, London East

2. Vertigo Transport Ltd

Vertigo Transport Ltd specialises in both moving and packing. They are based in North London and cover areas such as Twickenham. They are one of the best London moving companies and all 17 of Vertigo Transport Ltd's reviews are 5 stars. This emphasises the great service they provide. Their team is highly skilled and on hand to assist customers through every step of their move.

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With over 10 years of experience in the movers and packers industry, their team is reliable, professional and efficient. They understand how difficult moving can be and aim to relieve the stress involved with this.

Being aware of how tedious the packing process is, Vertigo Transport Ltf offer packing services and protective packing materials. The team are experienced in packing fragile goods and take great care throughout the packing process.

"The service from Vertigo was exceptional and far exceeded my expectations. From the moment of my enquiry to the moment of completing my move, each member of the vertigo team were polite, professional, kind and careful and made moving less stressful (and dare I say fun)!" - Yblah, London West

3. TDS Removals

TDS Removals are another popular removals company offering packing services in London. With years of experience in the removals industry, they are able to assist with both moving and packing. Being a family-run business, they understand the importance of providing a successful and helpful moving experience.

Customer service is important to TDS Removals and they understand how important their clients are. The team guide you through the removals process step-by-step, explaining everything in detail along the way. They focus on relocation that's not only quick but efficient too.

53 of their 56 reviews are 5 stars, and the packing services they offer are helpful. You can depend on TDS Removals to keep your goods safe and to pack them professionally. Your items are kept safe and secure when being transported.

"TDS Removals were so brilliant, they made my move as smooth as it could be. Such a reassuring team in the office and an excellent flexible team of removal guys. I can't fault them and would definitely recommend them. Especially as they were really great value for money." - Hilary Platt, London South East

4. Mario Moving

Mario Moving have over 10 years of experience in the movers and packers industry. They maintain their high standards and always ensure they are meeting the needs of their clients. With Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance, your household goods will always be safe and secure during transit.

The expert team has great knowledge and experience in the removals industry and helps hundreds of people move home on a yearly basis. Mario Moving take great care during the removals and packing process to ensure your goods are protected and don't become damaged in any way. They cause minimal disruption when moving your goods to their desired destination.

They have 34 of their 37 reviews that are 5 stars, which is a testament to the service they provide and the hard-working nature of their movers and packers team.

"Great customer service, very nice people and extremely efficient, careful and considerate movers on the day. We've booked the packing with them as well and it was worth every penny!" - Lauriane Benedicte Buffe, London North

5. Links Removals

Links Removals were established in 2012, and offer a first-class removal service. With 38 of their 39 reviews being 5 stars, this emphasises the high standards the company continue to achieve. The team is expertly trained in both removals and packing and has successfully helped many people move within London.

In addition to packing, Links Removals offer an unpacking service. The team takes great care when moving your goods, and goes above and beyond to ensure they are meeting the needs of each customer. The packing supplies they use are double-walled and durable to protect your goods during transport.

"They were very professional, friendly and helpful. The team arrived and spent the whole day packing our belongings carefully and efficiently. They were very approachable when we had questions. We couldnt have asked for a smoother moving day!" - Emily Petter, Croydon

6. Steadfast Removals Ltd

Steadfast Removals Ltd are a highly rated London removals company offering exceptional packing services. The team has extensive experience in the packing field. They arrive promptly before your removal to ensure everything is packed and ready to be transported in their moving vans.

Their prices are competitive and they ensure they conduct a survey prior to your move to accurately plan the removal day and to ensure any larger boxes and bulky furniture fit in the removals van.

They take note of the smaller details you've provided to ensure they're meeting your needs as much as possible. A lot of planning goes into their moves to ensure clients are happy with the service provided. 34 of their 38 reviews are 5 stars, showing how happy clients are with their removals process.

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"Absolutely amazing service! We opted for packing and removal service. Packers came the day before, packed everything nicely and securely." - Tina Zivkovic, Reading

7. My Safe Removals

My Safe Removals offer a varied removals service that helps to meet the needs of their clients. By offering free and accurate quotes, clients are able to have a good understanding of costs before their moving date and can plan around this.

49 of their 53 reviews are 5 stars, and customers have described My Safe Removals as trustworthy, professional and great at communicating. The experienced team aim to take the stress out of moving, and their packing service helps with this.

They arrive before your scheduled move and pack everything quickly and efficiently. My Safe Removals can also provide specialist removal services for items of sentimental value such as antiques and pianos. They use good quality packing materials.

"Very happy with the service from this company. They made a stressful day much better. The team were very polite and hard working. Everything arrived safely and was put in the correct place. They took real care with my items and packed things well." - Matthew, North London

8. Illy James

Illy James offers elite standards with their removal services. The team members are specifically handpicked and carry out training to ensure they are carrying out the best possible service and are fit for the role. They understand the stress involved with packing and offer their packing services to alleviate this. The packers pack items quickly and efficiently and will move the boxes to each specific room in your new property.

The team are careful when handling and packing your goods and always goes above and beyond to ensure you're happy throughout the removals process. Illy James assigns an experienced relocation manager to each move, this allows everything to run smoothly and efficiently. With 43/35 5 star reviews, it's clear to see why they're a popular choice.

"Great service from the initial quote through to the packaging of the property and the relocation to the new one. Hard working team and everything arrived in perfect condition. Would recommend." - Vicki Everest, Kingston-Upon-Thames

9. Leader Removals

Leader Removals are another hard-working and expert removals team that also offers packing services. The moving services they provide are always of a high standard, and each colleague has been professionally trained to provide the utmost care from start to finish. Leader Removals offer competitive prices which are popular with customers.

Leader Removals take the lead on packing and their expert packers will carry this out for you. The staff are trained at packing and moving boxes, helping to keep your personal belongings safe during transportation. The team assist you throughout your move, answering any questions or concerns you may have.

102 of their 110 reviews are 5 stars, which displays their customer satisfaction.

"Exactly do what they say they will do! Very punctual, and worked efficiently. Great customer service too - always able to pick up the phone & very flexible with postponing the date. Would highly recommend." Salva Ravan, London North West

10. Pipers Removals

Pipers Removals are a London-based moving and packing company that is well-trusted. They are fully insured and take great care of your valuable possessions during the packing and moving process. They have years of experience in the moving and packing industry, making them a popular option to consider.

The moves they conduct are organised, and they carefully plan everything to ensure you are happy and confident with their services. The service provided is flexible, and they tailor their quotes and services to meet your needs.

Their packing team is careful and packages everything in an organised manner. 38 of their 42 reviews are 5 stars, and they ensure safe transportation.

"Amazing service. These guys are very professional and extremely efficient. Paul went through everything in detail with me in advance several times and we agreed on the full move and price and that was it. They made my move very smooth and easy which really helped a lot." - Nada Elsaid, Southall

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How We Selected These Companies

We reviewed all our London removal companies offering removals and packing services. We have included small and large companies based in this area. This allows you to make an informed decision on the most suitable company for you.

Our team reviewed every London-based removal partner, taking into consideration customer reviews to create this list.

Each partner has been scored against their independent review score. Real customers have left a review on their experience with their chosen London-based removal company.

Customer reviews are based on the following: value for money, customer service, and moving day. These scores then determine the ranking of each London-based removal company.

All our companies are required to pass our strict verification process. To pass verification, companies must meet the following:

  • Professional Company Checks: Companies have to be legitimate before proceeding. We undertake a number of professional company checks to ensure that they are trustworthy and reliable.
  • Insurance and Safety: Our removal partners are required to be fully covered by Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance. This ensures your goods are covered during transit.
  • Online Presence: all our partners need to have a website or Facebook page that provides their basic information. This page must be up-to-date and contain the correct contact and location details.
  • Positive Company Reviews: We only work with the best removal companies in the country. We always look at their reviews to ensure that they are trustworthy.
  • Qualifications and Certifications: We always consider a company’s qualifications and certifications. Our conveyancing partners have to be regulated by one of the following: SRA, CLC, LSNI, LSS, or CILEX.
  • Code of Practice: Once accepted as a partner, companies must agree to abide by our code of practice. These rules ensure they continually provide the best service. This includes contacting a customer within 48 hours. Their staff need to be fully trained and qualified.

After a partner is accepted onto our network, we will monitor them to ensure they are continually meeting our high standards.

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Our London Moving and Packing Services

Here at Compare My Move, we have a number of movers and packers that cover all areas of London. Our companies have moving teams that will pack your belongings in moving boxes ready for when you move house.

Here are the main packing options removals services offer:

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  • Full packing service - The removers will pack all your items in cardboard boxes with professional packing materials for you. As this is the most time-consuming option it is the most expensive.
  • Part packing service - The part packing service is helpful for those looking for some of their items to be packed. Packers will use high-quality packing materials to help pack more awkward items.
  • Owner-packed services - Moving companies can provide you with packing materials such as bubble wrap and wrapping paper to allow you to pack your own household goods.
  • International moves - If you’re moving internationally, some London movers and packers will offer an international removals service. This is useful as they handle the logistics and the stressful parts of the move for you.
  • Moving fine art and fragile antiques - Care must be taken when moving fine art and fragile antiques. Some removal services in London will offer additional help with this. They will ensure that the goods are safely transported.
  • Moving large furniture - Moving large furniture can be particularly difficult to do alone. Many London companies will offer this with their packing and moving service. This will make a move far less stressful.
  • Fragile packing service - If you have fragile goods, fragile packing services should be considered. Packers take extra care with fragile goods to help ensure that they are not damaged in any way during transit.
  • Piano packing service - A piano removals service is quite niche, however, it’s useful for those who are looking to move a piano safely without breaking it.

Some companies will offer cleaning services and furniture assembly too. Our packing services article covers these services in more detail.

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How Much Will Movers and Packers in London Cost?

The average movers and packers cost in the UK is £1,181. This is based on the contents of a 3-bedroom house that will travel a distance of 50 miles in the UK.

In general, packing services and materials will cost £250. However, if you require extra assistance with fragile items, this is charged at an extra cost. A white glove delivery service is worth considering if you have a lot of antiques or high-end art pieces to move.

As London is the capital city, London removals are more expensive than in other places in the UK. £1,547 is the average house removals cost. However, you can pay as much as £2,354, or as little as £740 depending on the professional removals and the various factors of your move.

If you’re happy with the packers service and removal job provided, you may also consider tipping the removal company.

How to Get the Best Quotes For London Packers and Movers

When finding a removal company we would recommend comparing removal quotes to help you find the best deal. It’s useful to compare quotes for a range of days and months if you have a flexible moving date. Many companies will provide free quotes for their professional packers and movers service.

Comparing a number of different companies allows you to choose the best removals company for your relocation. Here at Compare My Move, we can assist you with this. We can connect you with up to 6 removal companies local to your area. We can also help you to save up to 70% on your moving costs.

We only work with removal companies that are trusted and verified to make your decision simple. When choosing a removals company you should do the following:

  • Read their reviews
  • Check whether they are a member of BAR or NGRS
  • Ask for a breakdown of the full cost
  • Ask others for recommendations

You should also ensure your chosen company is fully insured. Full insurance will include Goods in Transit and Public Liability. This insurance protects your goods during transport.

Compare Removal CompanyCosts

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